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Welcome to Koka Kids Judo Coaching Resources, created by Olympic silver medallist, Nicola Fairbrother.

A place for judo coaches. Koka Kids Coaching Resources is more than just a judo library; here coaches can get inspired with training ideas, and learn about ways to motivate and engage their students.

Here you will find information from someone who has spent their life-time in judo, first as an Olympic and World class competitor, then developing the Koka Kids programme which has helped hundreds of thousands of children all over the world enjoy and learn judo.

Helping children learn and enjoy judo

Koka Kids Coaching Resources is run by me, Nicola Fairbrother. I’m a judo world champion, olympic silver medallist and I’m dedicated to helping children learn and enjoy judo.

My goal is to help you teach judo and motivate your judoka by providing the necessary visual tools. Did you know two out of every three children in a dojo are visual learners?

There are already 100+ visual resources in the library, including throws, turnovers, hold downs, turnovers, drills which you can access whenever you need to, download and print.

New content is added every week, and sent directly to your inbox every Monday morning.

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Saves you time. Makes you look professional. Child-friendly. If you are serious about engaging your junior membership then you need to make your dojo appeal to children. Easy to download, these resources are always at your fingertips. Plus if you need any advice or have any questions, I’m here to answer any questions, a live person on the end of all this (just me, no big team), so do introduce yourself and ask away!

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  • Reward certificates (encourage and recognise achievement)

  • Your questions answered by a world champion

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Nicola Fairbrother MBE, 7th Dan
- 1992 Olympic Silver Medallist
- 1993 World Champion
- Publisher of Koka Kids children’s judo books
- Professionally trained chef, Leiths Diploma

More about my work and me. I’m Nicola Fairbrother. I’m a double Olympian (Barcelona 1992 Silver and Atlanta 1996 5th), light-weight World Champion (1993), triple European Champion, voted by Sunday Times as Sportswoman of the Year and awarded a MBE by HM The Queen. I publish a range of children’s judo books (Koka Kids) I’m also a trained trained chef (Leiths Professional Diploma) and run another substack called Olympian Kitchen which focusses on healthy eating.

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1992 Olympic silver, 1993 Judo World Champion, BBC broadcaster. Sunday Times sportswoman of the Year, Awarded MBE by HM The Queen. Publisher of children's judo books, sold world wide. Trained chef (Leiths Professional Diploma)